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We are looking for guest writers to write for us on this blog. Anyone can submit guest post to publish on this blog But, the post should be relevant to the topics/niches of Temydee Magazine and it must follow our guest posting guidelines given below, Then We will Review your article and publish it here.

Please note we only accept articles from writers/bloggers related to our niche. is a fast growing entertainment website/blog in it’s wide popular selection of sub-niches. If your article meets our necessary requirements,you can get a Backlink to Your site (No Affiliate links). You will get a lot of exposure from our readers. We are building a large community.

To write on Temydee Magazine you agree to follow the below guest posting guidelines of this blog :

Guidelines You Must Follow When You Write For Us:

While we can’t publish every guest contribution we receive, we have a master set of guidelines that can help maximize your chances of getting your article posted on which are as follows ;

Quality:-This is the Main Guideline, Quality matters all. We only accept the articles which are specially written for this site. If you mention the previous article of this site in your article, It would be much appreciated. 😉

No Republishing Of Old Article:-Please make sure that you are not submitting any article which is copied from your own blog or from elsewhere on the web. We strictly don’t tolerate that. In other words, it must be a new post written by you. Because we don’t have time to spend for any copyright claim.

Topic Relevant To The Title:-Your post should not be something which is not at all related to the title/ topic you’ve chosen.

Minimum 700 Words:-This is not a strict guideline, because if your writing is so good, we’ll approve it even if doesn’t meet minimum 700 words requirement, so if content is really short, make sure that your presentation is appealing and easy to understand.

Self Promotion: -We’d appreciate if you can write a great article, in-return you are free to give link backs to your blog or page. At most you can have 2 back links with no affiliate links. You may include links to your post(s) here.

No Links To Unrelated Sites Or Affiliate Links:As in the 6th guideline, you are allowed to link to your work in the bio or your blog. But please note that, we won’t accept posts that link to sites that are unrelated to personal growth. That means that you can’t sell links to your clients from your article. Any link you add in your post should either serve a purpose for the article or shall be a link back to your page but no affiliate links please.

We reserve the right to edit the post as needed (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors) and to reject post that we feel is not appropriate for this web site or for the niche it belongs to.


Here’s what you stand to gain when you write for us :

  • Byline and bio with links to your social media handles so people can follow your work
  • Prominent promotion of your articles across our platforms and through our partners
  • Invites to all the cool events we get invited to
  • Opportunity to network with influential investors and entrepreneurs within your niche.

Please kindly note that what you write for us has to fall under any of our entertainment categories and also has to be in accordance with our DMCA Policy.

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