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The Ultimate Guide To Being More Feminine

Educate yourself on the art of femininity. All it takes is self-awareness and some minor work, and you’ll be well on your way to being the new you!


How To Bring Out Your Feminine Side:

      All it takes is perseverance, self-awareness and a little bit of work to completely transform into a creature of grace and class. From tweaking your appearance to being a better person inside,here are some hot ideas on how you can go about being more feminine :from your humble girl Princess (thank me later).

#1 Dress like a lady :

If you want to be a lady then you have to dress like one. Stay away from unflattering and formless clothes like baggy jeans and frumpy T-shirts.  Wear  more skirts, dresses and figure flattering outfits.

Whether you opt for blood red or Robin blue, don’t worry too much about the colour palette as a real lady should be able to pull off any colour so long as it doesn’t clash with her skin tone or hair colour.

“Stay away from neon except you’re attending a rave”

#2 Don’t be afraid to accessorize : 

Don’t be afraid to brighten up your wardrobe with splashes of accessories. From silk head bands to pearls, chains, beads,  solitaire diamond earrings. Keep things simple and classy, so that they don’t draw attention away from your outfit as a whole. If you want to go for costume jewelry, be sure that they don’t look cheap, and hesitate to spend more on them than you normally would.

#3 Don’t shy away from makeup 

Natural beauty is very important, but so is enhancing it. There is no need to slap on tons of makeup to look good.

Tailor your look to go with the time of the day and the sort of event you are attending. As a rule of thumb, your makeup bag should contain  these essentials : natural mineral veil powder (compact and foundation powder) , eyeliner,bronzer ,mascara and lipgloss.

#4 No boy cuts, please! :

Although there are plenty of feminine women out there who have beautiful short hair *think along the lines of actress Audrey Talous, Halle Berry

and Jennifer Lawrence* . There is no denying  that if you want to amp up your game and become more ladylike, let your hair grow long  .

Not everyone can pull off short hair without looking like a tomboy.  Healthy lustrous locks is perhaps the most well known feminine trait in the world.  From sweet Disney heroines to svelte super models, longhair is the way to go!.

#5 Maintain A healthy body weight : 

There is a fine ling between being healthy and being over weight and being slim versus being skinny. To give you an idea of just what makes a healthy curvy woman look-up Marilyn Monroe

and Monica Bellucci,  or Nigerian actresses Mercy Johnson,  Monalisa Chinda etc. However it is true that not everyone can look like them.

There are women out there who try as they might, find it hard to gain weight,where as there are others out there who partake in every diet foot to hit the market and still end up pilling on the pounds. At the end of the day, eat right, hydrate, exercise, your ideal body shape will emerge in no time at all.

#6 Stop Cursing! : 

The fouler your mouth, the fouler you’ll look to everyone around you.  Ladies do not curse, at least not out loud. Hence, rein it in next time you feel an onslaught of dirty words trying to escape from your mouth.

 #7 Don’t be loud and rowdy. 

That’s it guys on The ultimate guide to being more feminine . 

Stay tuned for more articles.

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