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The ‘Girl Power & Confidence’ Through Music



The sermon of a girl’s confidence by pastor music.

…of course he had a poor sense of judgment because he believed in the frailty of women.

He must have thought “this would be easy” as he prowled around her, waiting for his perfect chance; one he found at a point he only could decipher. He darted out, into the crowd with her bag but she followed, in hot pursuit, yelling. She caught up with him, grabbed his shirt first, making him stumble and then grabbing his legs. She came atop of him, her fists put to work, ploughing his face. The fellow with his back to the ground was yelping in pain. People had of course gathered and one man in the crowd had the sense to yell “stop”, separating the fight.

Even as she narrated the story to the crowd while the police carted the thief away, the crowd kept looking at the woman like she was Arukuku, the devil’s eldest daughter, incarnate. The thief, just before he buzzed his head into the police van took a look at the lady he had undermined; his blood painted face could not hide his shock. He too must have thought he just had a date with the daughter of Lucifer.

In a specific recall of events that rides on the concept of feminism, whether the social media ‘ojoro’ kind of feminism or the ‘brain to book’ kind of feminism; you know, the kind that preaches to both genders, holistically the idea of ‘equality’ and not ‘do me, I do you’ both would agree to lap each other in a Lagos ‘danfo’ bus going to ‘girl confidence’ bus-stop.

And since Music, in most cases act as a mirror showing the ass -all types of ass, big, medium, small or flat ass of the society, it has not failed to display the ass of ‘Girl confidence’. Here are 5 songs that illuminate on girl confidence and the power that lies therein to achieve your dreams and refute intimidation.


Alicia Keys ‘Brand New Me’

In Alicia Keys ‘Brand new me’ creates a picturesque of a woman who suddenly has a grasp of who she is and what she can achieve. It’s like realizing the potential that has been limited only because she had limited her powers. No, the song might not necessarily be interpreted to conjure images of freedom from a ‘man’ who had acted as an inhibition to become her true self.

The idea of ‘man’ could well be replaced with ‘society’ or ‘norms’ or ‘conventional ideology’ which she succeeded in breaking away from as conveyed in the opening line of the song- “it’s been a while, I’m not who I was before.” She goes on to say “You look surprised, your words don’t burn me anymore” you know, the very display that shows an act different from what those around you are used to, would make tongues to wag and saliva to rain. But you see, this lady has come to terms with the new discovery of herself that whatever anybody says, whatever negative vibe that people might try to blow her way, it doesn’t penetrate. The discovery that she could be the opposite of coy and quiet, she could walk with her shoulders high felt like freedom “if I talk a little louder,if I speak up when you’re wrong, if I walk a little taller…don’t take it personally…I found a brand new kind of free” the song doesn’t hide that it wasn’t easy to get to this point of her freedom to express, to be. “it took a long long time to get here, it took a brave brave girl to try” which is true because there are many women still in the fight to attain freedom to be who they really are in a society that forms inoculate barriers against their deepest desires to be.

The song preaches turning a deaf ear to society’s opinion as it paints the great reward that waits from being independent, assertive, believing in yourself, not seeking validation from world people- you just have to be brave, be confident. “I don’t need your opinion, I’m not waiting for your okay, I’ll never be perfect, but at least now I’m brave, now my heart is open, I can finally breathe…don’t be mad, it’s just a brand new time for me.” Be whatever you want to be, irrespective of…

Demi Lovato’s ‘Confident’

This song keeps resonating the question “what’s wrong with being confident?” you got an answer to that? The first step to ‘becoming’ is a realization of who you are, what you want and what you need to do to get it and she iterates this in the opening line of the song “It’s time for me to take it, I’m the boss right now…cause this is my game” women need to stop holding back, stop hiding behind the scenes or only coming out when it’s dark “I used to hold my freak back, now I’m letting go, I make my own choice…” and you know what follows when you try to be yourself?

People talk. so, you say I’m complicated…that I must be outta my mind, but you had me underrated…” be confident, get your chains out, let your tongue be loose.

Daya’s Sit Still, Look Pretty

This lady pushes beyond the idea of a woman limited to being an object of fancy. She knows she’s pretty and she knows she doesn’t want her worth to be derived from her ephemeral attributes of being pretty. She refuses to be a trophy wife, dependent on anyone. She wants something solid. She wants more. She wants to rule the world because she knows she can. Now, that’s confidence in a mix of self worth. You are beyond what meets the eye. You can go further to be what meets the senses…all of it and more.


“I know other girlie wanna wear expensive things, like diamond rings, but I don’t wanna be the puppet that you’re playing on a string…” women should stop being the lesser version of themselves because of the materials they get when you could be a higher version of yourself and afford whatever it is you want for yourself. “This queen don’t need a king” depicts a lady who could be content in herself. Be so damn confident, you don’t need no validation from the world. It’s not pride baby- they call it confidence.

Beyonce’s Flawless

So, we know queen Bey has always been at the fore front, advocating for women being confident and powerful through her songs. ‘Flawless’ is no exception as she features a key speech by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on feminism “we teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller, we say to girls, you can have ambition but not too much…”

Beyonce goes on to sing that she had broken and gone above that notion and you can too. Be whatever you want to be. Anything except a limited edition.

Little Mix ‘Salute’

This is a call for ladies to apply to the company of women making things happen. The company of women who go on to break grounds, to achieve, to be, to become. The company of women with a vision, with a plan, with an implementation strategy. The company of women who knows the world needs them. You are beyond the description of ‘Frail’.

There’s one way to be recruited into this company- Be confident.

Oh, lemme add one extra video: I’m sure you’d be motivated to unleash your girl power after watching this one too below:

Welcome on board! stay woke as we all have a wonder woman inside us!


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