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Taylor Swift explains the sale of her old masters by Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun Has Sold the Master Rights to Taylor Swift’s First Six Albums!

Taylor Swift has revealed that Scooter Braun has sold the masters to her first six albums but not to her.


The chart topping singer who has been locked in the fight to reclaim her music from Scooter and his Ithaca records took to Twitter to reveal that he sold it to a private equity firm after she wouldn’t agree to his terms.

According to Swift, Braun and his team had called for a meeting to negotiate the sale of the masters to her but had stipulated that she sign an ironclad NDA where she would only make comments about Scooter if they were positive.

Taylor swift noted that her legal team disagreed with this saying, it was ridiculous to silence the singer from ever speaking her truth in order to get her masters hence, the sale didn’t go through.

In October, Taylor Swift got to find out that Scooter Braun had sold the master rights to her first six album to a private equity firm without her knowledge after she received a letter from the firm to partner with them.

Taylor Swift disclosed that the condition for the sale of the masters made sure the firm didn’t contact her prior to the sale and also, Scooter Braun and his record label would continue to financially profit from the masters for a long time to come. This was reason why she declined a partnership with the firm because she couldn’t in good conscience directly and indirectly work for the profit of Scooter and his team.

See her statement below;

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