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AKA Vents Anger on Acclaimed Fans Who Downloaded His Songs For Free

Last night, South African rapper, AKA got really mad and went on a Twitter rant about how broken the music industry and system is.

According to the ‘Fela In Versace‘ rapper,

‘there is no point having an album anymore. A totally nonsensical concept in this country. Just make songs. Shoot videos. You don’t need the stress or the headache. The model is broken man. Fucking broken. Next time I rate I sell my album to a brand and give it all away for free then we can all win’. He then went on to say, ‘don’t ask me for no fucking pictures if you can’t prove to me that you bought my shit. Period. Why the fuck would I waste a second of my time posing for pictures with m********kers who don’t support me?’. 

See all his tweets below.


The SA rapper, who recently released his latest album – Touch My Blood said he had to say all the above texts in order to get it off his chest. But some fans proved to him on his Twitter wall his album was bought by them. He too acknowledged them by retweeting them afterwards.


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