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Singer Waje Recounts How Followers Shamed Her on Social Media

“They Said I Looked Like A DSTV Remote Control On Social Media”

Popular Vocalist Waje sitting pretty after revealing in a recent interview about not being confident about her looks, and how her social media followers despised her.


Waje who recently released her Velvet album said:

“I never used to think that I was good looking. I needed validation, so when social media came, it was a no-brainer, great pictures, comments, I felt like I had hit a jackpot.

Then the bubble burst and I realise that some people follow you on social media just to point out everything wrong with you. They hated my performance, I was fat shamed. Someone actually said I looked like a DSTV remote control

“I cried and if you passed outside my hotel room that day, you would think somebody had died. People were wondering what was going on. I screamed at everybody, yelled at my manager. My boyfriend at that time tried to persuade me. I remembered he broke up with me later because I was becoming this angry lady.

The summary of my story is I allowed social media take a hold of me. I trusted it to give me something it had no ability to offer”.

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