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Reasons Why You Need Shazam to Thrive in Your Music Career as an Artist

Shazam is a new opportunity to become a celebrity artist. It has charts, categories, and tools for promotion.


For artists, this is also a treasure as it is the only tool for track recognition. It is now even a built-in option on Apple devices. Just ask Siri.

Recall some few days back South African singer Master KG’s song ‘Jerusalema‘ became the most shazamed song in the world. And that made him more popular. Courtesy of Shazam.

Radio stations and record labels are also using it to discover fresh artists, which are interesting to the public. That is because the more times the song is “Shazamed”, the more catchy it is. Thus we see a possibility to get a new hit up in world charts.

Get Your Music In The App

Luckily, this process is easy-peasy. First of all, you need to upload your tracks to popular music libraries, like Apple Music, Google Play, or Spotify. Also, choose a reliable independent distributor from the list that is offered on the Shazam site (Ditto Music, DistroKid, CI, finetunes, etc.), which will actually spread your music within the app.

After that – just relax, a distributor, if chosen wisely, will do the rest. Remember, that nowadays music on Shazam needs to be uploaded only this way, they just don’t accept CDs or mp3. On average, the processing of the song takes around a week, but if you meet any difficulties, you can always reach out to customer support.

Add Lyrics

You can also add the lyrics of your song (if you have actual lyrics in it) for better recognition. Shazam has a partnership with LyricsFind, so the process is easy.

Adding lyrics to your uploads is essential if you want to win more hearts in your favor. People love singing, and if they like the song, they usually want to know the words at once.

Also, reading the lyrics gives people a better understanding of what is the song about.

What Shazam Won’t Do For You

You have to remember that this is not a streaming app, and it doesn’t have the option of downloading and playing music, as a player.

The only closest feature is the ability to add the track to your music library on Apple devices.

Why Do You Need Shazam After All

For young artists, this app offers a very valuable metric – exposure to the potential fans, and record labels as well.

This is vital as you need to be heard and recognized. This app is a great addition to your overall promotion campaign.

How To Make The Best Of The App

Here we gathered essential tips for nailing the platform:

Fun Facts About Shazam:

  • Fill your profile according to the statements above
  • Verify your account as an artist on Shazam. The process is connected with Twitter, so at first, you have to verify your account there. After you did that, simply fill in the form of verification, and there you have it – along with a big fat check-mark!
  • Run promotion campaign on Shazam. Your goal is to increase the number of your fans to thousands, so your music gets shazamed a lot more.
  • Make sure you run a cross-platform promotion (including Twitter and Facebook). This allows you to use Calls-to-Action, which encourages your fan not only to follow you but attract new users too.
  • Make sure that you stimulate your audience to shazam your songs. For example, offer exclusive material to them, so they will feel pleased and share your tracks with their friends at least.
  1. This is a unique app, that created a new verb “shazam” which means recognizing the track.
  2. “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten was hosted on a single radio station, and yet it has been shazamed for many times, that she received a contract with the record label in three days.
  3. Since 2018, Shazam is officially owned by Apple. Their first offer to pay for the deal was around 400 million dollars.
  4. The principle of the app’s work is unique – all the songs in its catalog are identified as digital data, like a fingerprint. The vast database is what allows Shazam to recognize the song so easily by comparing different patterns it has.
  5. Shazam has 150 million users monthly. The number of verified artists is around 2 thousand, and they accumulate over three billion followers.


Shazam is a relatively new tool in the promotion campaigns, but it has proved to be in great help for every new artist. As it was stated before, its main feature is exposure, which is extremely important for a young musician.

It also helps to reach out to record companies and producers, who are perfectly aware of the possibility to find out what’s going to be a new hit.

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