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Did You Know That Smart Investors Now Opt For ‘Off Plan’ Houses?

Did you know that smart investors now opt for ‘Off Plan’ houses?

In this article, we have outlined the reasons and also the benefits of buying or investing in ‘Off Plan’ houses and/or apartments.

All thanks to demand and supply.

The Concepts Around ‘Off Plan’ Houses

The ‘Off Plan’ concept has proven to be the most convenient approach to property purchase for many Lagosians.

It has facilitated the growth of property investment because you can now buy properties with ease, even without the aid of mortgage facilities.

With the popularity of ‘Off Plan’, competition amongst real estate developers is now inevitable, which in turn gives rise in competitive quality houses.

In the light of this, some smart investors in Nigeria have been led to put their money to work for them as per off plan houses is concerned.

House types range from 1,2,3 bedroom apartments to terraces, semi detached duplex and detached duplexes in various locations.

An ‘Off Plan’ house is one which you purchase while its being constructed. Once the house is completed, price increases. Its a very attractive and convenient model and this explains why there are more investors in recent times.

3 Benefits of Buying ‘Off Plan’ Houses or Apartments

  1. Buy at a lower price, as you are technically a part financier of the project.
  2. Convenience in payment by making initial deposit and spread balance over a period of time.
  3. Opportunity to make adjustments in the house, while still constructing at zero cost.

So, having read this, its high time you took advantage of this opportunity as a smart investor. Don’t be left behind too.

We encourage you to be part of it as we will offer you different options readily available in catchy locations in Lagos, especially in Lekki- Ajah axis with convenient terms and conditions.

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