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Bitcoin vs Real Estate – Which Is A Better Investment?

In the modern-day business setting, Real Estate and Bitcoin investment are both roads to potential financial freedom.

As a young person looking forward to having an outstanding financial freedom, it’s worth taking note of some ongoing investment trends, especially if you’re considering either or both of these two: Real Estate and/or Bitcoin.

Before going into Bitcoin investment or Real Estate, there are some deciding factors you need to consider which are; market speculations, market predictions, and the risks involved.


The people who are already into bitcoin investment know that bitcoin can fetch you cool money if you are patient while your money is locked in the crypto space.

Bitcoin price raised from $4000 in March 2020 to $58000 by March 2021 with a whopping return of 1300%. The growth of bitcoin so far has been unimaginable and many investors cashed out on it already.

There are speculations whether the Bitcoin bull run (rising in value) will come to an end soon or not but some international bitcoin experts have predicted that bitcoin is still going to $100,000 this year.

However, in few years to come, bitcoin is predicted to reach $300,000 dollars. This means that potential to get madly rich with bitcoin in a few years’ time is high. But aspiring and existing Nigerian bitcoin investors must consider some current changes in national policies such as CBN restrictions.

Real Estate

This involves buying and selling landed properties, off plan houses, whether finished or furnished apartments.

Some Nigerians are making cool money from Real Estate because everybody wants to have a roof on their head. Aided with the fact that some of these reputable Nigerian real estate developers now give out flexible payment plans such as up to six months zero fee interest rates, and up to 24 months installments. Hence, making it easier for buyers and investors to go into real estate business.

The demand for housing in Nigeria currently increasing as the population increases and that is why Real Estate is a cool investment because land of 400k today, might be worth 1 million in a year or less.

So, which would you rather go for: Real Estate or Bitcoin? Share with us below.

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