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LOL: Insanity Is The New Oil Company!

Dictionary says insanity means the exhibiting of unsoundness or disorder of mind, mentally deranged, mad. but issa lie! or on a second thought, the dictionary just did not define the wholeness of insanity, like it failed to tell us the part where you can make lots of money and fame from being a mad person. But i’m here to replace the dictionary and tell you, you can become great in life by following the path of madness(Moye,2018).

Here are 10 ‘Comedicprenuers’ in Nigeria that in their effort to be useful, are actually mad.

1. Maraji

She is known as Instagram’s funniest girl. started with lip-sync short videos and decided to increase the gas of her madness from 1 to straight 10 by making short videos of her own. she takes the role of all her characters. if you’ve watched her mother in some of the videos she uploads, you may understand where her isi ngbawa( ask your igbo friends to interpret biko) comes from. Now she has 840k followers just because she showcases madness. Her ig @maraji_

2. Williams Uchemba

How this cry cry boy of those 19 gbogboro Nollywood days transformed to a man with well toned muscles, pink lips, beard gang, oh my heavenly father plus the fine car and fine everything. Oh father, cause me not to sin in my heart. My yard people, this man is fine without fullstop, only comma. And the comma is that he is mad, onye ara. He is what Charles Okorocha would sum up as ‘iberiberism’. His style of using phone conversations mostly in his videos to arouse laughter that can heighten any form of climax you’ve experienced in your laugh life is simply maaaad! meanwhile, my village people, do good for once and do ‘notice me charm’. i like this type of mad person to notice me. His address is ig @williamsuchemba. Thank you in advance for the charm. But if you, by mistake, do love charm, i will manage it laidat sha.

3. Baba Adan

Baba Adan plays father and son and while we are not looking for the day his cutlass will true true cut Adan’s head, we are definitely looking forward to more skits. Like mad, like mad, Baba Adan went Homeless and like mad, like mad, the guy behind the Baba Adan bought a mansion in real life. Are you seeing your life on the main road? stay there and be forming starched shirt and tie. Dont go and mad your own. His Instagram cutlass o jare is @ogbeni_adan1


4.Lasisi Elenu

Do you see his face? does it look normal? do i still need to talk again? His own madness is on a ranting diet yet he has 753k followers. Anybody that say the world must not see you go mad, die by fire! pray so that something must happen right now to you. For further inspiration to pray that prayer go to I.g @Lasisielenu

5. MC Lively

When i say Parents should let a child choose their courses based on their behavioural traits, they will say i am speaking too much English. If your young daughter has started shaking her bum-bum and doing zebra crossing on top selfie, allow her to jejely do modelling, if they dance, allow them to dance, if they like to shout, allow them to do I.T with Lagos Agbero for a while, if they like it, allow them to be one. See this one now that studied Law in Obafemi Awolowo University is the one showing the world that he cannot talk again without stammering and opening all his mouth. The only thing that speaks Law about him is the rumpled white shirt on black trousers he wears. The cloth he has refused to change because..because…because…if a whole president did not…did not…not bring change, who is he to change anything in his life. For further reference on his kind of madness, refer to section i.g subsection @mc_lively

6. The MacAnthony

Very popular for his funny meme. You see this one, the native doctor that can cure him has died. He is another example of ‘course miss road’ because, how will a child of God study Biochemistry and find his chemistry inside the well of madness and the ‘bio’ inside the chemistry went missing. He must have started his madness from his mother’s womb, because this kind is inborn, grew the madness in secondary school, and spread the gospel of his madness in UNIZIK, then when he left, he decided to bomb the world with his ‘onye ara-ness’. The material ‘introduction to madness 101’ can be downloaded at FB: MacAnthony Okeke and I.G: The MacAnthony.


7. Frank Donga

Is it not a sign of madness if you are going for a job interview and you not only spew nonsense but your village gods just would not allow your loosely knotted tie to take mid field position? what else is madness laidat? Have you seen his recent comedic video skit – ‘This Table you’re Shaking‘? He even carried this madness and entered ‘wedding party’ the movie. You know that driver that proudly wore ‘guchee’ suit instead of ‘Gucci’…enhen, na him be that. There is no need to ask him why his tie cannot stay in the middle. The answer is obvious and glaring on his I.G page @frankdonga

8. Emma

If you find this guy Emma, the next thing you will say is ‘oh my God’. He became famous from his stand up comedy, Brother is now channeling his madness into music video skits which are definitely hilarious. Check out his own style @emmaohmygod

9. Yan Baba

We are still looking for the doctor that will diagnose this one officially. No, we know he is not normal, we just want to know the degree abi level of the madness. Yan Baba is notable for his meme and funny posts. His madness has caused him to monetize his social media handles. Anyway, madness and money share the same initials. Biko, doctors, even if it is native doctors, help us with the informational knowledge of his degree so the upcoming mad people, those still on I.T, can have the vision of where to aspire to. Tenkiu. FB, I.G @Yanbaba

10. Crazeclown

Chai! This one, their madness will off you, yet you will still think you are on. Have you ever being slapped by your father? are you in anyway related to the clan that can call themselves Ade? if yes or no, see @crazeclown and have the feel of his madness. I mean, even his name carries ‘craze’.

So, if you have local or international spirit of madness, show yourself now. Private madness does not in any way help the economy. Shift from private to public madness and let the world see you. No, we don’t want you to go naked. Just be useful even when ya mad.

Let the madness begin..

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