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Ja Rule Laughs Off 50 Cent’s Rumored Plans To Buy All His Masters

American rapper, Jeffrey Bruce Atkins, better known by his stage name Ja Rule, has laughed off 50 Cent’s recent attack after the ‘In Da Club’ rapper was rumored to be looking to buy the rights to all of his masters.

Rumour had swirled the internet earlier this week that 50 was looking into purchasing the rights to all of Ja Rule’s masters and publishing. This is after 50 Cent had claimed that he bought 200 front-row tickets to a Ja Rule concert on (October 27) just so they would be empty.

However, the “Always On Time” rapper took to his verified Twitter page to laugh off the rumour by saying this isn’t going to happen.

“You 50 trolls are trying waaay to hard hope y’all getting a check and not just a [check] lmao,” Ja Rule wrote.

“Anyway for the ones on the short bus… HE CAN’T BUY MY MASTERS I OWN THEM!!!” This has not been confirmed.

The two rappers have been feuding for almost 20 years, having released a number of diss tracks, including 50 Cent’s 1999 song ‘Life’s on the Line’.

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