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How To Turn Heads

Have you ever wanted all eyes to turn towards you as you entered a room?I bet you have, that’s why you’re reading this!


Alot of that seemingly effortless attention-getting has to do with poise and confidence. Cultivating the right qualities and presenting yourself in the right way will go a long way towards turning people’s heads and Sia’s the right girl to take you through the steps!.

how to turn your head            STEPS : PART 1 :

         Wearing The Right Clothes …

Go for an eye catching colour like red.

Colour is incredibly important in making an immediate impression. Colours like grey have a tendency to make you a part of the background ,so wear them with a more exciting colour .

The colour that turns heads more than anyother is  ‘red’ . You can make a big statement by wearing a dress or go for s more tuned down look :wear a red lipstick, a red sweater, or a red scarf.

Jewel tones are also good for gaining attention. If you can, try to match one to a shade in your eyes so that it makes your eyes standout. Purple and green are good colours to try out (not necessarily together).

2).   Show off your assets(wear flattering clothes that accentuates your figure.

3). Wear an interesting accessory.

4). Make sure your clothes fit.
Part 2 of  3

 1). Make sure your hair is shiny and lustrous. People will surely notice a great hair. 

2). Perfect your skin care routine. 

3). Make sure your teeth is cared for. 

4). Keep your lips looking great. 

5). Enhance your aura with a little makeup 


                 Part 3 of 3 

1). Cultivating the right impression. 

2). Exude confidence. 

3). Don’t sabotage yourself with negative thinking. 

4). Make yourself approachable. 

5). Have a sense of humour. 

6). Now most importantly do not back down when you get the attention! 

Now darlings it’s up to you to turn heads now,  Sia’s done her part. Good luck!! 

If you have any questions, simply ask them via the comment box below and be sure to get a response asap.

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