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Religion will not kill us las las. Amem? Amem

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      Still on the mata – This Is Nigeria!

      But…Really how do these people think? How do these people find each other, form a group and think in the same myopic and distorted way? Or they think myopically first, then look for people with the kind of brain as they…and gbam! Group chat have start.

      The thing we give maximum attention to here doesnt help this country grow in anyway.

      Please can someone turn me to a cartoon, lemme be on top of bird and fly to the abroad…

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      Comedian Helen Paul is sure making her stance known in the face-off between singer Falz and some Muslims who are angry that he used ladies wearing Hijab to dance Shaku Shaku in his new music video – ”This Is Nigeria.”
      ”Hijab is a head covering, it is not a religion” Comedian Helen Paul says.

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