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Good Sound or Good Lyrics: Which One Does It For You?

Why do most Nigerian music creators prefer good/dance-able sounds to rich and meaningful lyrics?

So, I took out time to ask people their honest opinions on their preference between Listening to good sound or good lyrics and this is what some of them had to say…

@Abbey:Lyrics make the best sound to my ears. The point is the message behind the music…not really the sound. I understand that the sounds makes the music, but what is the point in having a good sound with no good lyrics to back it up? mind you, no matter how bad the sound may be, the lyrics will always make it beautiful.

@GbemisolaAdebowale: I prefer both. One should not be able to do without the other.

@FunmiRichards: Both has to be involved to do it for me. Music should appeal to the ears and to the brain simultaneously.

This reply was very common among those interviewed. So, if we prefer both, how then is it possible for songs without any meaningful lyrics except for their groovy sounds make the rounds when they hit our airwaves. when i think of this, two songs that come to mind is ‘one corner‘ and ‘bangdedereng’. There are lots of others that have been widely accepted by Nigerians.

Good Sound or Good Lyrics on Temydee Magazine
Good Sound or Good Lyrics?

Perhaps, the theory is that we want both served to us, freshly baked. However, the reality is that we move towards the beats than to whatever is being said. As long as our bodies are attuned to the sounds, the mind or brain for the lyrics might as well be dead.

Perhaps, the need to unwind from the journey from Ojuelegba to mile two to Victoria island and back on the mainland coupled with the fact that Nigerians are enjoyment people could gear us towards songs that promise offers of forgetting one’s sorrow. Perhaps, songs that are rich with meaningful lyrics makes us think seriously about our lives, the things lost, regrets, exposure of a current level that is not liked, things that the soul needs to dwell on but the body doesn’t want to acknowledge. And since most times, the flesh could be stronger than the soul, we find ourselves feeding the body, moving to a rhythm and thinking of nothing else but the need to enjoy what you may permit me to call ‘Vanity’. Perhaps we should think about this more deeply…

With the accepted norm being one of speakers at high volumes and words being dirt, very many artistes follow the train. It is what that sells after-all. If you must blow, you have to release songs that booms to the ground and dirt words- you are made. This assertion becomes the daily manna grafted into upcoming artistes mind. And so the market becomes filled with no pure sand but dirt and more dirt blowing around. Dirt becomes the new black.

In the words of Funmi Richards, ‘music should appeal to the ears and to the brain’ perhaps many brains have stopped the work of translation, having gotten used to the dirt. When good content within a song is released, it begins to sound foreign, weird, unpleasing. why? because the path to the brain needs cleaning of all that dirt. Only then can translation of good music be possible.

Only then we might appreciate good music and make them the standard for ‘blow’.

So, i humbly ask again: Good Sound or Good Lyrics? ..or perhaps both? Which one does it for you? We’d like to know your candid opinions via the comment section below.


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