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Dressing Sharp In The Heat (Guys Guide) Part 2


Hello guys happy valentine season, trust you’re all enjoying your weekends.

Here comes the continuation of Dressing  Sharp In The Heat [Guys Guide]. You can always read the previous Guys Guide article here.


1 Sun Protection

Happily, classic men’s styles lend themselves well to full body protection. Long sleeves and full trouser legs can be more cooling than a T-shirt and shorts in the right conditions. Hats and sunglasses play their roles as well.
And light colors will reflect far more sunlight than darker shades , keeping your clothes themselves from growing warmer in the sun. Every warm weather outfit should include a moment or two of thought for whether it can cover more skin comfortable or not . The less direct sun you’re soaking up the happier you’ll be,so long as it can be done with light and breathable fabrics.

Deliberate Styles; The trouble with most summer outfits is that they are products of necessity ,not style . You throw on shorts and a T-shirt so that you don’t overheat, not because they look good. Looking stylish in the hot weather is as much about small deliberate gestures as it anything else Khakis and a white shirt are comfortable ,but you look like a low level IT staffer.

When you make a summer outfit you need to be thinking about the colours patterns,textures and accessories all together. The difference between stylish and just functional could be as small as a different belt or the right pocket square. But if you don’t take the time to make that small difference you just like one more overheated office guy . So believe us when we say that style is as important as an element of hot weather clothing as breathable cloth.

2 Good Hot Weather Fabrics

What your clothes should and shouldn’t be made of during the hottest months.

So how do you find clothing that combines all four of these characteristics we talked about above? Remember you want all your outfits to combine the following;



Sun Protection

Deliberate Style

That’s a lot to ask from one piece of clothing. Here in no particular order are the specific fabrics best suited for hot weather outfits;

Linen : It’s light weight, breathable and has a unique texture that makes it stand out in an esemble.

Wool : we don’t usually think of wool as a hot weather fabric. Most of it’s properties make it ideal in the cold weather/winter and typical wool suitings are both heavy and thick.

There are , however, a few kinds of “tropical weight” wools meant for summer wear. The more common kind are essentially the same worsted or flannel wool of a conventional suitings but made with very thin light threads to reduce weight.

3 Other Fabrics Include ;

Cotton ; Light and breathable.

Twill ; Light .

Poplin ; Comfortable, breathable

Seersucker ; Lightest cotton weave.

Madras ; Smooth , breathable.

Gauze ; breathable, lightweight .


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