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The harmattan season is usually dry and cold, it gets tricky while dressing in this season, mostly because of the fluctuating weather, cold mornings and hot noons. You need clothes that will protect your body from the cold and harsh weather and still look fashionable .Cotton like fabrics, wool, velvet etc are mostly suitable for cold weather conditions such as the harmattan


Long sleeved clothes are suitable for this season as they cover your arms and prevent direct contact with the dry air. Because of the fluctuating nature of the weather(cold mornings,hot moons)  invest in jackets,blazers,cardigans ,so even when the weather gets hot, you can take them off. Remember to put on a decent top underneath.   .

Sunglasses are also a fashion must during this season, if you don’t want dust getting into you’re lashes and eyes causing irritation and giving you a red eye.

Head gears are also needed t prevent the dust from getting into your hair and scalp,headgears ranging from bowler/derby hats to Arabian scarf, the bucket hat, the Fedora which looks like the chic version of a cowboy hat, are all chic options to choose from!.

Turtlenecks are a trending alternative to jackets if you still want to flaunt your figure in this weather, you can throw in a mega loop scarf or a cashmere scarf or carvat to give a little chicness to the look. It hugs your curves in the right places and staying warm is a huge plus #wink.

You can also cinch your midsection with a fun thin belt and pair it with skinny pants or leggings, even in a thick or buggy coat to accentuate your waist and show off your hourglass figure.

Unless you’re in a blizzard, a tall leather pair of shoes that elongates your legs is way more flattering than shapeless boots, snickers, loafers or warm footwear they make your lower half look stumpy.

Letting your hair down is a good idea as it is fashionable and also serves as a means of warmth for your neck which would be a blessing in such a season as this.



Keep in mind that you should wear clothes that  keeps you warm .

Remember to moisturize your hair as well as your skin to prevent dryness!  You can use Shea butter or other oils like castor oil, coconut oil etc.

Wear covered shoes, to prevent dry and breaking feet.

Don’t forget to have some lip gloss/lip balm and petroleum jelly/vaseline  your  bag always, you WILL need them for your lips and skin especially your legs and feet throughout the day. PS:No one likes chapped lips and skin that’s turning white due to the exposure to harsh weather conditions.

So people, dress right during this season! And don’t worry it only lasts for about two months or so.

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