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How To Dress Comfortable Without Feeling Sloppy

How To Dress Comfortable Without Feeling Sloppy


Times have certainly changed! I suspect that your “relax around the house” outfit doesn’t resemble the movie stars’ clothes or even Laura Petrie’s. I know mine don’t . I’ve lost count of women who tell me theirs consists of old , stained sweatpants or baggy jeans with an over sized T-shirt or layers of ill-fitting polar-fleece in unflattering colors, or ,some variation there of. Does any of that ring a bell?.

I completely understand,and to be totally honest I’m always on the lookout for fun,pretty,comfy things I can wear around the house and not feel like a total frump. Because this is such a constant concern for so many women, here are a few tips to consider for your “at home” wardrobe :

1. Manage The Dirt Factor

So many ladies say to me “but I cook, clean … In my at home clothes so they can’t look too fancy or cost a lot” . Here’s a radical thought ,just because something gets dirty does not mean you have to discard it . Sure,you may not want to spend  your major income on something that you could drop sauce or soup on but it just means you buy clothes that are washable.

2. Feeling Yucky Weighs On Your Psyche

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at home and thought , “Yikes, I’m so glad no one can see me this way”?. Sure, our home should be our sanctuary but it’s also a place we go to feel happy, supported ,relaxed and connected . While you don’t have to wear your fanciest finery ,you do want to feel content in your own skin.

3. Try Something New

It is so easy to get set in our ways about what feels good and what doesn’t . If you have been wearing the same home clothes for a long time ,then maybe it’s time to explore new options .

4. What You Wear At Home Stays At Home

Home clothes are just that . You shouldn’t be embarrassed if your friends come over and see you in them , they’re not what you’d wear when out and about.

5. Fashion Rules Still Apply

Choose colors and clothes that flatter you . Dress for your personality, let that special inner you shine through even in fun,cozy clothes.

Remember this is not about being a fashion plate at home ,and it is really not so much about fashion rules . It’s about what makes you happy . Use these tips above to help you identify what works for you and most of all ,have fun!.

Feel free to drop in your questions, requests via the comment box below.

Stay blessed and beautiful!

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