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Listen To Bimbi Phillips’ New Song “Wakanda” Inspired By Black Panther


Bimbi Phillips drops a Black Panther Wakanda song. And we love it here.

Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER has since its release on Thursday been on the lips of every one both home and abroad. BLACK PANTHER is undoubtedly the most talked about movie on social media in recent times, setting a new record in the box office with a weekend opening of $202m and an estimated  $404m in four days.

BLACK PANTHER has not just been a box office success; it has also gotten so many positive reviews and accolades from the highly influential people and most recently gone viral commendation from the former first lady of America, Michelle Obama.  The movie has also become a catalyst for a lot of changes even in the non-movie industry such as fashion and music as black fashion brands are beginning to create blank Panther inspired designs. An unidentified man also proposed to his girlfriend at the theater during the screening of the movie… something I like to call the Blank panther revolution.
More interestingly, our very own artist, BIMBI PHILLIPS has also produced a song as inspired by BLACK PANTHER which he has titled WAKANDA. Bimbi’s music is a blend of House and Afro beats music He is known as the principal craftsman to emerge and push this novel style of music notwithstanding a considerable measure of reactions. He effectively settled himself with his first single ‘BIMBI” and had two huge remixes from London’s Kiss FM’s occupant DJ Danny Lee and DJ TS7.
BIMBI also released a classic afro beat jam Titled ‘LAMBA” in 2017 with a classy video.  WAKANDA by Bimbi is upbeat dancehall music with the unique twist that is usually associated with most of his songs.
Enjoy Wakanda by Bimbi Phillips below and also share!
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