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‘Why are you mysterious?’ Joey Akan asks singer, Asa in an interview (Read)

Joey asks Asa bout her lack of collaborations & more!

One of Nigeria’s biggest artistes Asa is a bit of a mystery. “No one truly has a full idea of who she is, what she’s about, how her wonderful mind works” says Joey Akan.


The music journalist had a chit-chat with the pop star, and their conversation is an eye-opener.

Read excerpts from the interview.

Why are you mysterious?

I think this is natural. This is who I am. I’m very errm, I don’t know. I’m just me. Mysterious, I don’t know. Inasmuch in music, you need to be out there and you’re usually the centre of attention. You’re at a concert and everyone’s looking at you. I do like to live a very quiet, private life because it makes me happy. So my life on stage and as a musician is definitely very different when I’m home and not performing. And the contrast is that I’m on fire on stage and in the studio. I want to make sure I bring out something well-thought-out and present good work to the people because I know they expect that much from me. I’m the same person but I just like to really be quiet when I’m not on stage.

How does it work? The Asa on stage is extremely expressive. I attended all your Lagos concerts. I watched you perform at the Supremacy concert, then I watched you perform your concerts at Eko Hotel. Everyone appreciates the amount of Asa they get while still yearning for more. It’s a fine balance. Is it deliberate?

It’s just natural. I don’t know. I hardly celebrate birthdays. And I’m always very appreciative when I get to perform in Lagos. I don’t do that a lot but whenever I do it, I’m very happy that people came out. Some of them know me, some of them just discovered me. It’s just a good thing to be before people and perform. To me, if you ask which one do I prefer, studio or stage: stage. The stage has always been my life. What I have lived for.

How do you disguise yourself?

I just put on my helmet, my glasses and a scarf. Once I was trying to park, but not in the actual lot. And the security lady says “wo ma gba mi o.” You know, the way she’d talk to ‘anybody’ and that was quite cool. But again it was also strange, like ‘is it is how you treat people?  It was because I was on a bike and she thought maybe I was an okada. she thought I was a guy. Even the security guys were like “make him go park, oga.” It was so funny. The way she spoke was very rude and cruel, but then I enjoyed it. There was something sad about it because it just shows how you talk to another person. To me, it was cool and uncool. Because if she had seen me she would have changed. She’d have been more respectful and all nice. But look at how she speaks to every other person that is considered nameless, which I find not really cool. 

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