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Ubi Franklin talks Making N10bn in 7 years, shares Investment Lessons on “The Bridge” | WATCH

In the latest episode of “The Bridge,” Ubi Franklin talks to host Arese Ugwu about how he started “Made Men Music Group,” his biggest money mistakes, best investment advice, and his various business interests.


Speaking on how entertainment stars can manage and grow their income, Ubi referenced making N10bn from 2012 to 2019 and how he spent most of it on “flossing”.

It is no doubt that Ubi Franklin is a business oriented person and a successful entrepreneur, however, his recent controversial declaration has sparked mixed reactions amongst music fans and the general public as many feel he has lied while others feel he has told the truth.

It is understandable if people believe Ubi made a false declaration as there was widespread controversy recently about him lending certain amount of money from his alleged mistress.



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