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Floyd Mayweather Sued For $2 Million After Failure To Make Appearance In Nigeria

It looks like Floyd Mayweather’s alleged attempt at earning a quick buck has backfired.

According to TMZ, Zinni Media reportedly booked the boxing champion to make five appearances in Nigeria and Ghana in June 2017. The company allegedly was able to get Mayweather to record a video confirming his visit for $375,000.

To keep things on the up and up, The Nigerian company allegedly wired $210,000 in advance. However, when it came time for Floyd to appear, he was a no-show.

The media company alleges Mayweather’s camp called to reschedule for December and even offered to make more appearances. However, the price would increase to $550,000. Zinni Media says they agreed to the new date and the $210,000 wired previously would cover the new appearances.

The company claims they accepted the new deal but when asked if Mayweather could make a new video announcing the new dates, he disappeared. Now Zinni Media is taking their matter to the courts. Zinni Media says they need $2 million from the undefeated champ to make the crooked matter straight.

The lawsuit, which was filed in a federal California court claims Floyd damaged Zinni Media’s reputation and defrauded them. Two million is pocket change to Mayweather, so something tells us this will be settled quickly.


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