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8 Things To Know About XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Dedrick D. Williams

In less than 72 hours since the passing of polarizing rapper XXXTentacion, an arrest has been made in the 20-year-old’s killing.

Dedrick Devonshay Williams was taken into custody Wednesday (June 20) in Pompano Beach, Fla., a neighboring city south of the Deerfield Beach, where the “Look At Me” rapper was murdered. The news came at the same time a vigil for XXX, born Jahseh Onfroy, was happening with his mother Cleopatra Bernard.

Broward County investigators have credited the public and social media with tracking down Williams, as the 22-year-old left hints to the shooting on platforms like Facebook. It was previously suspected that Florida rappers Solider Kidd and Solider Jojo were involved in the shooting, to which they vehemently denied on Tuesday (June 19). Both were seen via their Instagram pages at the same location the rapper was killed.

XXXTentacion was gunned down on Monday (June 18) after leaving RIVA Motorsports, sheriff’s public information officer Keyla Concepcion told reporters. He was in a black BMW i8 when two armed suspects approached him. His Louie Vuitton passenger bag was removed from the vehicle after he was fatally shot.

Williams was charged with one count of first-degree murder, violation his probation and a driving infraction.

As more information comes to the light about Williams and the two other possible suspects, here’s what we know about him so far.

1. He’s A Tattoo Artist From Louisana 

Williams went by the name Tattoman Chuckie. The father of two would often share completed pieces on Facebook from clients. It isn’t known when he moved to South Florida, but he was reportedly employed at the tattoo shop, Zombiez Ink.

2. He’s Been Arrested For Other Crimes, But Never Did Time   

Williams has been in trouble with the law before. He was previously charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and domestic battery in 2014 after he allegedly pointed a gun at his girlfriend’s head. In addition to multiple grand theft charges, his last arrest stemmed from weapons and cocaine possession.

USA Today reports his most recent court appearance was in April where he was given probation. Williams has done zero prison time for his crimes as some of the cases were dropped.

Police were able to arrest Williams Wednesday when they pulled him over during a traffic stop. He was driving a 2004 Honda Accord without a valid driver’s license.

3. Investigators Don’t Believe Williams Intended To Kill XXXTentacion

The late rapper’s lawyer David Bogenschutz shared with reporters that the artist may have been the victim of a random robbery. Police records also carried the same language as the arrest report states the murder charge as “murder dangerous depraved w/o (without) premeditation.”

It also says the death of the rapper was from “a premeditated design to effect the death of a human being, Jahseh Onfroy” with Williams stating he did “have an active part and did kill and murder by shooting him with a deadly weapon, to wit: a gun.”

You can see the records here.

4. Police Are Looking For More Suspects 

TMZ reported police are looking for an additional two suspects. A court clerk shared with the site two arrest warrants were signed by a judge. The two suspects have yet to be taken into police custody. A source also told VIBE that police were in the Deerfield Beach area early this morning looking for suspects involved in the shooting.

One of those suspects was seen wearing a red mask as they fled the scene. This is what led to internet sleuths to connect Solider Kidd and Solider Jojo to the shooting.

5. He Posted A Threatening Message On Facebook After The Shooting

It may have seemed like a simple post, but the photo above was taken two days after the shooting. The caption reads, “Don’t piss me off [you] will never know [what’s] next.” Since his arrest was made public, fans of the rapper have swarmed his social platforms shunning him for his alleged involvement.

6. Williams Appeared In Court This Morning 

While it was a short appearance, a Florida magistrate judge ordered the 22-year-old to be held without bond.

7. He Will Be Back In Court Monday For Violating His Probation 

Because Williams’ violated his probation by driving without a valid license, his first court appearance Monday (June 26) will solely focus on that rather than the first-degree murder charge.

8. Williams’ Role In The Shooting Has Been Denied By His Brother 

Williams’ brother took to social media to call out those who have labeled his brother XXXTentacion’s murderer.

“Keep my brother’s name out of your mother f**kin’ mouth, my n***a,” he said. “We ain’t playing no games bruh, y’all getting yourselves into a whole bunch of trouble, dog y’all just mine y’all business and let these crackers do their motherf***king job, a n***a pulling up for real. All of y’all, I don’t pick faces, Z s**t n***a.


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