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Top 10 Nigerian R&B Artistes Still Budding

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Top 10 Nigerian rhythm and blues artistes: Nigerians, probably due to the stressful situation of the country love to live the day and end the day on a groovy level.

Hence you see the bouncy songs looking like they are on a protein diet, thriving more than the RnB sect. Still, we have thorough bred Nigerian artistes who have successfully built a strong name on the RnB genre. They deserve some accolades mehn! E no easy to write lyrics and carry your voice up, down, left, right, circular waves, sometimes the road they use their voice to carry us to, we don’t understand and yet we feel the sense in what they sing. We comot hat for una. We present to you 10 Nigerian RnB artistes who are still making waves despite the ‘shakulized’ movement and ‘kosepe’ era Nigerians are in…

10. Banky W: it is impossible not to start this list with Mr Capable, Banky W Man has been on the RnB fire since we knew what bald head looks like and now Man has turn up in RnB inferno since he married Adesua Etomi. You think I’m exaggerating? Go and listen to “Love You Baby” or “Made For You” and stop arguing with your ancestors. Let your ancestors rest in peace biko.

9. Praiz: Thank God for Project fame oh. A young, fine and active member of the beard gang. So this is how his village people would not have allowed us to know him wella. Hiaan!

Since his time in Project Fame, this man decided to be like Sango. Only that he chooses to spit RnB fire instead of just fire. “Folasade” (and his recent joint i love the most – Save Us) is one phenomenal song that can stand the test of time.

8. Wande coal: its Wande coaaallllll ( I cannot fit to type the way he draws that coal. Even Okro no fit) Wande I just want to beg you in the name of that your voice to stop disappearing na. Baba will just go Fiaam! Next thing Baba will come back like Fiaamm too and destroy market with song in the same manner of fiaaaam! One of his serenading RnB single of all times ‘Ololufe’ still lingers in fans memories.  Reminisce over the song below and thank me via comment box below:

7. 2Face Idibia: Oga Legend toh bad. This Oga sef can sing everything except rap. But the way you will melt when he lays his voice on RnB will have you suspecting whether you are a ‘created-by-God’ human being or a mere dis-solvable material. Did you forget how he melted our hearts first with “African queen”? Ever since, he has been on a melting spree with us. I bet you fell in love with ‘Let Somebody Love You’ feat. Bridget Kelly hun.. Feel it below once again.

6. Waje: Waje is a music witch. Don’t try that voice oh. It is the kind of voice that will calm all these Lagos Danfo conductors down. Just play one of her RnB songs and watch the conductor calm down. If they don’t slap your phone away, thank me later. Waje’s ‘For A Minute’ or ‘I wish’ or ‘In The Air’ is a time bomb that can never be set off within the second. It’s an eternity something. Feel ‘For A Minute’ below:

5. Johnny Drille: Johnny the fresh blood in the building! Johnny Drille sounds like how fireflies might sound if he sang in pidgin and then he switches and sounds like Kenny Rogers, yet he is Johnny Drille. He is an RnB sensation, mixing the old wine into the new wine and still giving us good taste of the proper definition of ‘wine’. A cup of Johnny Drille’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ will have you thinking of going for a swim with your lover by 1am. P.S …And you know in your heart that you and your lover are not a mammy and pappy water. Check out his recent single – ‘Happy‘ with Morayo.

4. Omawumi: Oma Diva! Can words describe this lady? Let’s see. You walk into a room and you see a lady that smells of sassy, class and a banging drive and then you go nearer and hear her sing and you can see a defined eloquence in music. Now that’s Omawumi! When she is in the ‘R&B-nized’ mood, even Lucifer may confess “ I sit at thy feet, o master. Teach me thy ways”. Check out ‘Somtin’. In the end, words can’t describe her.

3. Dare Art- Alade: This man- let us not argue. He is R&B god on his own. No need to pour saliva too much. If you haven’t listened to ‘Not the Girl’, ‘The Way You Are’, ‘You Are Not The One’, just dress abi shift your ass to one side. Sho mo age mi? LOL

2. Niniola is still holding the forte in the Nigerian female R&B train. She has won awards for ‘Magun’ and ‘Saro ’in the R&B category. Niniola is definitely an example that R&B can still be signed, sealed, and delivered in Nigeria. One of her recent track – ‘Oyin‘ is quite heart-melting.  Watch her J’ete video below. I know you love it too hun ..

1. Aramide: From Feeling The Feeling’ to ‘Sweet Connection’ to the generality of her album ‘Suitcase” shows the lady has sat down on the chair with the name tag ‘R&B’. She came in with a different shade of color that even the color blind can recognize and accept with intense love. Aramide issa goal! Have you felt her recent single – Magic? Do that now to confirm what I’ve just said about her. Download it song here.

In the end, trend is not what matters, doing you is the koko and should be the new black.

You might wanna substitute any of the above-mentioned R&B singers with your favorites. Please, feel free to recommend who should be replaced on the Top 10 Nigerian rhythm and blues artistes list and we’ll gladly do so asap!

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