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Video Teaser: Take a Peak into Season 5 of “Power”

Season 5 of “Power” is almost upon us with the premiere scheduled for Sunday, July 1st.

While fans are still trying to decode what they can expect when they tune in Sunday evening, 50 Cent (who recently performed ‘Big Rich Town’ movie soundtrack with massive orchestra and choir) has you covered with a sneak peek at the season premiere.

In the clip, we’re given Ghost and Tasha as they confront Tariq about the events leading up to his twin sister Raina’s death, and the scene is more than enough to get us fired up for what’s to come.

Prior to the new season the cast has been making their press runs, dishing out what they can in the process. Notably, Omari Hardwick spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about Ghost’s state of mind coming into this new season.

“We still have, thematically, an incarcerated individual, even though he is physically out of prison at this point,” the actor said about his character. “He’s still figuratively because once you’re locked up and the person that you know is responsible for locking you up, that being Ghost’s mistress and Angela (Lela Loren), at that point, even though she aided him in getting out, there’s still a major level of trust issues that he’s dealing with. He feels like he’s being haunted by a bunch of ghosts, pun intended.”

“Power” returns to the small screen on Starz at 9 p.m. E/T on Sunday.


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