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Kanye West’s “Ye” Amasses 100 Million Spotify Streams

According to a tweet from chart data, the seven song project has amassed over one hundred million streams on Spotify alone.

Perhaps there’s merit to brevity after all; it stands to reason that far fewer people will lack the attention span to sit through twenty- three uninterrupted minutes.

Either way, the numbers on the board are enough to impressive even the most. ardent Yeezy critic, and speaks volumes of his status in the current cultural hierarchy.

Remember, these are simply the Spotify numbers. Apple Music and Tidal have yet to be revealed. At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising for Kanye to emerge with one of the year’s biggest commercial successes, provided interest in his album continues to develop.

In any case, it’s a good look for Yeezy, and hopefully he can feel proud of the accomplishment; after all, he’s given us plenty of great music throughout his storied, and occasionally controversial career.

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