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This Tiwa Savage Sef; The Hypocrisy Of It All! By Noble Igwe

It feels different picking up my laptop to write because its something I have not done in a while, regardless, it’s something I love doing. Perhaps I need to write more often as I have slowly begun loosing interest in tweeting and the other forms of social media. And do you blame me?

This piece was written by Noble Igwe. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Temydee Magazine.

Today, everything written in truth is considered ‘a shade’, a hate comment or the trendiest one ‘table shaking’. Bloggers are no longer interested in writing stories or articles, they camp on social media waiting for comments that will drive traffic to their pages and some are so uncreative that they post pictures while ridiculously asking followers/readers to “caption this, the best caption get a certain amount of money” but this is not the purpose of this article, we’d get there sometime during the week.

Social media is a blessing and a curse, we have created a monster that let’s people throw insults from the comfort of their beds or the beds of the people letting them squat. We have people who claim to support Nigerians but jump at the slightest opportunity to drag them down. These keyboard courageous fiends open multiple accounts for the sole purpose of insulting people, but are also quick to ask for selfies when they run into these exact set of people in public.

I’m not saying that we must hold people so high that we cannot reprimand when they are wrong, but we have developed such a negative culture that more often than not it feels like we are in a wild contest for the most hilarious insult, oh how savage haha!

I have always said that we idolize foreign so much that it shows in everything we do or support. Falz put out a very good video, most of us pretended not to have seen it but once Diddy posted it, we were all up in his comment section waving the Nigerian flag while singing the National anthem just because it was Diddy, a whole Diddy.

I have always been an advocate for stage craft, I have always suggested that artists have outfits and a special recording of their songs for stage performances to give the consumers/fans a different vibe in relation to when we walk into them at the mall or Mr. Biggs.

There are so many of us outchea who want to see our beloved Nigerian acts compete with their pairs internationally, but we also want to dictate how they should do it and then react when it does not fit into our own personal idea of the best possible methods. We want to see our artistes kill it on the world stages, but we don’t really want them to do it while being themselves and in the ways, they have chosen to dress themselves.

Look around you, how many of our female acts are pushing the envelope? How many of our Nigerian female acts are getting the required support they need from us to get to the next level?

Last Weekend, Tiwa Savage performed at Wizkid’s Sold out Afro Republik at the O2, London. One of most attended shows by a Nigerian artist in recent times but most people are not talking about her performance, how great or sub par it was, they are talking about her outfit, a denim short.

Most people are not sending the required accolade as the only female artist on the show, but we are busy trying to understand why ‘a mother’ should wear ripped shorts for her performance on stage.

At the risk of sounding like something you’d read on the twitter, I’ll still say that  I know if either Rihanna or Beyoncé had worn those shorts most of us would have sung their praises and at this very moment we would have seen different versions of it in the club, just like that time people started buttoning their shirts at the back even though it made them very uncomfortable but because it’s our very own Tiwa, we had to ask if she does not have shame wearing those shorts on stage.

I know some of you may be wondering if I’m really comparing Tiwa Savage to Rihanna and Beyoncé, but the truth is, who is the other Nigerian female Artist on Tiwa’s level at this time?

Music is an art and we must let artist perform their music in the best ways they feel comfortable.

US singer Rihanna performs at the o2 arena in east London, as part of her 2011 ‘Loud’ tour, Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan) Editorial Use Only

Let’s take a moment to appreciate her craft, applaud her for staying strong in a male dominated music industry and for letting us know she can do it in Iro & Buba, shorts or bare feet.

This piece was written by Noble Igwe. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Temydee Magazine.


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