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Everything You Need to Know About Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Album

Drake’s upcoming album – Scorpion


We’ve been waiting for the album he promised us and while we are, here’s some of the background scoop on its release date, tracklists, songs to the most basic details.

I believe that Drake is currently a living legend in the music industry. I mean he has songs for every mood and this is probably why we are obsessed with him and his forthcoming music. Still recovering from ‘More Life’ which he dropped on us last year, he’s about to bless us yet again.
Since he released ‘God’s plan’ ‘Signs’ and ‘Nice for what’, everyone, I mean everyone including critics are waiting for clues to when his new music is going to drop.

Merely looking at his instagram updates, you will know that he has been working hard, late night at the studio trying to make amazing music.
There’s really so much that we know about Drake’s album. Is he featuring anyone on it? Is it just a playlist or something else

Well here is everything we know and hope to expect from his new album

Well for one, we know that the album is titled ‘Scorpion’ as Drake took to his Instagram to post a picture of himself in a jacket with the name of the album as well as its release date. There is no context behind the name he has chosen but we think it’s going to ‘sting’, really good lol.

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