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Tupac Disses Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Biggie, Diddy in Lost ‘The 7 Day Theory’ Liner Notes

It’s been twenty two years since Tupac Shakur’s death but items related to the iconic rapper continue to make waves in the auction markets.

The latest lost item to hit the circuit is lost liner notes for his album The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory released in November, 1996. Auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll claim that these are the original hand written liner notes which Tupac wrote for the album with a ballpoint pen. The album was released a few weeks after his death.

The note has some striking words from the late rapper. Interestingly, Tupac names Biggie, Diddy, Jimmy Henchman and more for “conspiring my downfall.” Elsewhere, he calls Dr. Dre a “closet homo,” Wendy Williams “a fat bitch,” Mobb Deep “no record selling asses” and De La Soul “fat washed up Bums.” He calls out Nas, Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans and Jay-Z as well. Only a very limited version of this note ended on being on the album.

See it in full below:


Gotta Have Rock and Roll say that a “very close family friend of Tupac’s” provided them this note and is also accompanied by a letter of provenance from the said individual. Some of the previous 2Pac owned items that have gone up for auction are his Hummer H1, letter to lover Madonna, bullet-struck gold medallion, personal Quran, the BMW inside which he was shot and more.


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