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#MondayMotivation: What Happens Next If At First You Don’t Succeed?

Dust yourself off, and try again..
You can dust it off and try again, try again..

A whole lot of times we find ourselves downcast ed, dejected and rejected simply as a result of our incompetence to deliver a goal, project or even a platinum hit track/album.


And whenever this happens, we always tend not to wanna give it another shot. We ain’t fired up anymore, we just wanna quit and quit for good.

Nothing we are told at that period ever gets up the adrenaline-push up or trial spirit in us. But i wanna encourage you not to give up at all in all your struggles and hustles, as that’s what makes life interesting and worth living.

I’d be leaving you with few tips this week to bounce you back on your feet track 😉 :

  • Do not let what people say to you have a negative impact on you on as it’ll consume the hell out of you!
  • Do not engage in harmful habits just because you never achieved what you intended achieving at a particular point in time, otherwise you will be drowned for life!
  • Stay far away from negative people if you still think you can once again rule your world!

The legendary song below tells us we can always get back up anytime we’re down! Therefore, encourage yourself with this and see yourself living up your dreams in due time. Cos that’s God’s Plan for you!

Do have a fantastic week ahead!


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