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“For now, I am not ready for marriage.” – Sean Tizzle


Though Nigerian singer, Morihanfen Oluwaseun, better known as Sean Tizzle, became a father last year, the singer is not thinking of marriage anytime soon. He explains that there are many things to do before marriage.

“For me, marriage is not about money or age. I have to take my time; it is an individual matter. Why I am not ready for marriage might not be good for you or others. Although, it is my personal decision. When the time is right, I will take the step. As for now, I am not ready for marriage.”

Since becoming a father, according to the singer, it feels like he is living for a reason.

“With the birth of my daughter, Ayomide, I feel like I am living for a reason now. Now, I feel the need to be more focused and responsible; being a father is actually a sweet experience. But it doesn’t mean it is okay to have a kid when you are not ready for the responsibility that comes with it.”


Reacting to why his music has become unpopular among fans in recent times, he said he could not explain it.

He stated, “I think it is the work of the media to pass information to people. Honestly, I don’t have an answer to certain things in life. I did a lot last year. I dropped an EP last year, which has seven tracks and I did a couple of videos. About a week ago, I released Belinda and I plan to drop another song soon.


“But I was travelling a lot last year because I had a baby and I needed to be there for my daughter and the mother.”

Also, the singer admitted to making lot of money from music.

“Finding music has been a blessing for me. I cannot just help but to thank God and everyone who has been supporting me since the days I was nobody. I have spent five years in the music industry and I am still relevant,” he noted.


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