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#BBNaija: Cee-C And Alex At It Again!


The #bbnaija House was silent for most part of the morning of day 52, as there was very little drama between the housemates. Things however soon tool a different turn and escalated real quick when Alex insisted that Cee-C be specific with her references and bear the consequences.

For Cee-C, Alex’s words was a low blow that warranted more than vocal and verbal retaliation which has become a common sight in the #bbnaija house.

Within seconds, both Housemates were way above their boiling points. When Cee-C ordered Alex to “shut up” and get sense, Alex spit back by referring to her as a “short human being” and told her to stop bad mouthing people behind their backs to which Cee-C responded by saying that the only thing Alex knew how to do well was throw insults.

It seems as though each insult that was hurled further fuelled the two #bbnaija and had there been no rules regarding physical altercations between Housemates, one of the two would have probably being beaten by the other.

As if that wasn’t enough, Cee-C went on further with her rants and verbal insults by belittling Alex, talking about how she’s been to places that Alex would never have access to. Following the ‘an eye for an eye’ philosophy, Alex threw her own blow by reminding Cee-C that despite all the places she’s been, they’re both in the Big Brother House, on the same level and hustling for the same thing.

To feed the furnace even further, Alex referred to Cee-C as senseless and shallow to which she retaliated by reminding Alex about her academic background, or lack thereof; talking about how she’s been changing schools because of her lack of focus.

This fact didnt go down the right side of Alex because she cracked Cee-C glass walls by telling her that she was at her beginning while Cee-C was at her peak.

All in all, it was a fiery and vocal shouting match between the two #bbnaija housemates and by the looks of it, there were victors. The house seems to be more divided than before due to the fact that the housemates seem to lack decorum and just can’t tame their tongues.


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