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R Kelly Reportedly Evicted From His Alleged “Sex-Cult” Mansions In Atlanta

R. Kelly is reportedly getting kicked out of his alleged “sex-cult” mansions after not paying rent.

R. Kelly
It looks like R. Kelly has been evicted from two of his Atlanta, Georgia mansions. According to a report from Daily Mail, the Chicago singer was kicked out of his Duluth mansion earlier this week after he allegedly failed to pay $23,084.90 in back rent and $2,308.49 in late fees. The media outlet reports that the hefty amount was accumulated in only two months.

Sources say the mansion appeared to be have been abandoned when the eviction notice was served on Tuesday, as no one was inside the mansion and the rooms were noticeably bare & empty. The source also said Kelly’s financial situation took a major hit last year after he was accused of leading a sex cult inside the very home. Kellz has reportedly also downsized his team in recent months as he faces money issues due to these sex allegations.

It’s reported that this home is where Kelly held his alleged “sex cult,” and had a second apartment near by for when guest come by to hide them at. The Chicago singer apparently made a $300,000 worth of renovations on the home, including turning one room into a cigar bar and another into a basketball court. However it appears thats all irrelevant at this point.

Criminal charges are expected to be filed due to damage done to the suburban Atlanta property, which has a $11,542.45-per-month rent.


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