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#BBNaija Day 9: Fake Nominations Reveals True Colours of The Housemates


The mock nominations that took place on day 8 in the #bbnaija house not only left the Housemates shell-shocked but also revealed their true intentions. More so, the nominations revealed that bonds are likely to be broken as it wont be any easy living in a house where everyone has an agenda

With Tobi winning the head of the #bbnaija house title for the second time in a row, the intentions of the other housemates were made glaring. He snatched the coveted position from Teddy A and this appeared to cause tension, especially when Alex claimed that Tobi cheated because he seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

Despite the fact that the pair didn’t even try to defend their honour, the overall reaction in the #bbnaija House only goes further to prove that the other housemates are not up to accepting his reign over the house.

The massive revelations that emerged from the Diary Room confirmed that the #bbnaija housemates will no longer revel in niceties and sweet-talks, as hunger is now the name of the game.

Perhaps the 45 million Naira prize money will only further help justify whatever the #bbnaija housemates will do including betrayal, seduction and back-stabbing. This only further helps to confirm the words that a book should never be judged by its cover because the content might just be a shocker.

For followers of the #bbnaija show, it wont come as much of surprise that at the first occasion, during the fake Nomination, Tobi seized the opportunity to put up the pair of Teddy A and Bam Bam up for Eviction.

This singular act of his shows that he is out to eliminate the competition that the duo pose. He sure wouldnt have done this if he didnt deem the pair as competition, or would he?


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