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#BBNaija 2018 Day 5: Wager Loss Raises The Stakes For The Housemates

After the wager loss of the previous day, it appears the #bbnaija housemates have come to the realisation that the stakes have risen.

Day 5 in the #bbnaija house saw most of the Housemates, excluding the trio of Bitto, K.Brule and Dee-One getting in a high intensity dance work out.

The bump and grind left all the housemates that participated feeling high, which was what they needed exactly after the disappointments of the previous night.

After losing the Task Presentation, the #bbnaija Housemates had a brief discussion that centred on how to be better. In time, the housemates were soon back to their lively spirits.

As the day went by, Big Brother announced to all of the Housemates that Tobi had a secret task to siphon secrets from two Housemates. Tobi was required to share the secrets with all of the #bbnaija Housemates.

Furthermore, the pair of Bambam and Teddy A spoke about their dreams for their future. Teddy A appeared to pay rapt attention, even though we don’t know if he was actually paying attention or playing the game.

The pair of Khloe and K.Brule appeared to have had quite an intimate moment as the pair connected over pillow talk. It was evident that K.Brule hoped that he and Khloe would be more than just a strategic pair but Khloe still seems to have him at arms length.

Tobi and Cee-C on their part, seem glued to each other as they move their conversations everywhere around the #bbnaija house. The head of house, Tobi seems like a charismatic and charming fellow and that appears to be working well on Cee-c.

Cee-C however doesnt seem to be bonding well with Members of The Black Knight team, as she doesn’t seem to be well known to other Housemates.

Big Brother is however asserting his dominance over the #bbnaija housemates, especially regarding the blatant disregard of the House rules. It is left to be seen how the #bbnaija housemates respond to biggie’s punishment and how much worse things can get if they continue to fail to comply.

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