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10 Romantic Love Songs To Make Your Partner Feel Special On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is here, and we bring you the best 10 romantic love songs to make you and your partner feel on top of the world.

It’s that time once again when gifts are exchanged but you don’t need fancy vacations or public declarations of adoration to make your relationship rock solid.

The truth is its not the big things that makes a relationship or marriage great, but rather the random acts of kindness.

It is important you become a connoisseur of your partner. Learn the words, acts, expressions, gifts, and touches that are most desirable and meaningful to them. In other words, show your appreciation and love to your partner in the ways that mean the most to them. The most important aspect of this can be achieved by sending them their preferred love songs as it makes them think about you and the precious moments shared together.

You can get a mix of their favorite songs and put it on a CD or on their phone on the morning of Valentine’s Day. You can add that with a cup of their favourite drink and they will appreciate you more.

The moment you step out of your world and into their’s, then your little acts of kindness become momentous as you help them feel known, valued, and loved. As Valentine’s Day is here, here are a number of love songs you can both  listen together to express your love for each other.

These songs really portray love, the best songs for the season of love😍😍…what’s better than listening to these amazing love songs with the person you love and adore on or before Valentine’s day…Valentine should be celebrated everyday but February 14th is that special day to show love to the person you love and appreciate and admire. Having the best love songs on your device is a great way to start the week of love.

These are the 10 best love songs you should download and listen to with that special someone😍😍

10 – Demi Lovato – Heart Attack

9 – Heaven | Tatiana Manaois

8 – Nick Jonas – Jealous

7 – Di’Ja – Oh Radio ( Alternate Version )

6 – Meghan Trainor – Like I’m Gonna Lose You ft. John Legend

5 – Banky W – Love U Baby

4 – Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

3 – Simi – Complete Me

2 – Liam Payne, Rita Ora – For You (Fifty Shades Freed)

And my top No 1 love song for this year’s compilation is no other but :

1- Ed Sheeran – Perfect Duet with Beyonce

I hope I’ve been able to mesmerize your valentine’s day with these beautiful, romantic love songs.

Do enjoy it and Happy Val Day to you! Yes You!! smiles


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