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Wolftyla – More Love

Quotable lyrics: No more time, no more love, no more you , no more us..

We are deeply sorry for letting Woftyla’s hit song Impressed which was dropped last year slide, with her featuring London On Da, I can’t say more than she has that fighting spirit to keep up.

The social media star-turned-singer-songwriter give her fame from fine and ever since has been pushing forward, she now claims about 2 million followers on Instagram and her hit song “Impressed” featuring London On Da already gained 1.6 million stream on sound cloud.

She comes back, readily to spread her wings in 2016, th3 New York based rapper drops new fine hit which she calls More Love.

“More Love” touches on a lopsided relationship. Once more, Wolftyla finds a way to beautifully relay the ugliness that love can often sport.

“I was looking for a way to express myself and what I was going through in a different realm – music just happened to be something I began to gravitate towards,” she revealed earlier in 2017 when discussing her transition to becoming the artist she is. “I found music to be the best way to not only deal with my emotions, but also bring myself closer to my supporters as well as those going through similar trials and tribulations.”

“More Love” is an interesting song, looking at the way she kept it on beat and the wonderful lyrics. I’m so much in love with the song.


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