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Justin Bieber Reads The Holy Bible While Shirtless On A Plane

Justin Bieber Captioned The Spiritual And Scintillating In-Flight Snap

On Saturday, the 23-year-old “Sorry” singer shared a photo of himself reading a copy of the Bible — which appeared to be marked up — while enjoying a shirtless ride on what appeared to be a plane.

Ardent followers of Canadian singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber can testify that the star built a unique connection with God lately.

Hence, The pop star lives a serene lifestyle now, connecting himself to every positive facet as much as he can.

Reason why we weren’t caught in too much surprise when he was pictured in the attachment above, reading the Holy Bible on a plane. The Instagram post amassed over 2 million likes in less than an hour of publishing.

Justin Bieber has found a way to show off his body ink and his spiritual side at the same time. Looks cool doesn’t it? I bet some of his fans may wanna argue about the correlation of his tattoos with the Bible portion that talks about inscription of images on oneself. What does the Bible say about body inscriptions? Would you have wished he’s reading the portion that talks about it so he could have a change of heart?

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