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Video : Peter Okoye Talks about Psquare’s Comeback

Peter Okoye popularly known as Mr P has revealed in an interview that he would never come back to Psqaure. According to him, family business is not a good thing and he has learnt his lessons.

Speaking about his solo career, Mr P revealed that people who used to look down on him are beginning to get acquainted with his brand.

Here is part of what he said:

“I think I did the main thing. There is no going back….The most annoying thing is some people think I don’t have a life. People will be talking to you, writing stuffs as if I have no life. Do you know how many businesses I own? Music is just one part of them. Is it because music is just the one that put me out there?

 At the moment, I love the transition. All our band members are with me, you know why? They love my drive.

 Family business is not a good thing, It might look good in the eyes of people but it is not. If I come back to this world, I will never do business with family.”


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