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Sean Kingston Claims he slept with Serena Williams [Watch Video]


Sean Kingston recently paid a visit to BBC Radio 1’s Smashed With Sloth where the “Fire Burning” singer discussed his past hook-ups while taking some coffee tequila shots.

In the interview that has just surfaced online, host Charlie Sloth asks Sean to choose a person for each of the following categories: Wifey (as in to marry), adult wrestle (as in to “smash”) and avoid (as in to never see again).

For his wife, Sean chooses Lauren London, for his smash he chooses Meagan Good and for who he will avoid he jokes Bow Wow.

The interview gets off track from lady talk, as Sean discusses working with Justin Bieber and how they both stepped into the spotlight when they were youngin’s. Things quickly picked up again when Charlie asks Sean who the most famous lady he has ever “adult wrestled with.” His answer, plain and simple, is Serena Williams.


“That was my dog. That was somebody I really looked to for advice, she use to always – I use to work out with her. She was just always somebody that really, really looked out for me and made sure that I was good,” he says in the interview. He adds that Serena came to visit him for six days straight when he was in his jet ski accident. “She’s just always been a great friend of mine. $300 million and all she wear is Nike tracksuits.”

Sean explains how Serena always used to grab the bill when they dined out together, adding “I knew what I had, but I just didn’t really follow-up on some stuff that I was supposed to follow-up on. I was kind of young at the time, and I was being young. She’s older than me so she wanted something different.”

When asked if they still chat, Sean said he messaged her congratulations when Serena announced that she was expecting a child with her Reddit founder husband, Alexis Ohanian. Sean says in the video that she responded wishing him well and to say hi to his mother for her.


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