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Watch Selena Gomez’s New Music Video – Bad Liar

Selena Gomez’s new video for Bad Liar, released Wednesday, takes us back to the 70s with Marcia Brady-esque hair, vintage-tinted footage and some groovy fashion.

In the video, Gomez puts her acting chops to the test by playing four different people (including a guy!) who are in the middle of a love affair.

Starting out at a high school, the singer plays a student going through a typical day of classes until she spots two people flirting through the window. One is a blonde, Farrah Fawcett-looking beauty (also played by Gomez), and the other a slightly creepy male teacher in large glasses and a mustache (Gomez again).

Later in the video we find out the blonde woman is the student’s basketball coach, and once the student returns home for the day, we see the man is her dad sitting at the dinner table with her mom (you guessed it, also Gomez).

But the end of the video reveals the biggest secret of the story — as the student lays in her bed, she’s seen smiling at a picture of none other than the same coach her dad has the hots for. They have a crush on the same person? Awkward!

Directed by Jesse Peretz, the song’s lyrics perfectly explain what the student must be thinking: “I’m tryin’/Not to think about you… I’m tryin’/Not to give in to you.”

At the end of the video, Gomez also teases a project called Fetish, which is “coming soon.

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