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Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble Lyrics’ Got Kelly Rowland Showing off her stretchmarks[See Photos,Tweets]


Undoubtedly and unarguably the American rapper is making waves with his new video “Humble.”

In his attempt to promote body positivity and knock down the unrealistic standards of beauty women are pressured into, he raps: “I’m so f**** sick and tired of the Photoshop// Show me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard Pryor// Show me somethin’ natural like a** with some stretch marks.”

Accompanying the lyrics are visuals of everyday women with actual stretch marks.

And this celebration of imperfection has been inspiring some women, including Kelly Rowland. The singer and mother posted an old picture of her vacationing in Australia putting her own stretch marks on display for the world to see.The ladies took to Twitter to show how his new video inspired them:

Edi @EdithNyim11



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