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Sean Tizzle May Have Reunited With Former Label Producer – D’Tunes


Back in 2015, US based Nigerian singer, Sean Tizzle, fell apart with his close friend and former producer D’Tunes after the later signed five new artistes into “Difference Entertainment Music Label” which housed Sean Tizzle at that time. The singer did not like such a move since it posed some sort of threat to his career. That made him dump Difference Entertainment Music Label to become a solo artiste.

Right this very moment, Sean Tizzle is in the country to promote his latest project, “Moving Forward” EP. In the course of promoting his project, the singer attended the Ikorodu Õgâ party in Lagos. Right there, he bombed into his former producer, D’Tunes. Sean Tizzle’s first hit track, “Sho Le” was single-handedly produced by D’Tunes. When the duo came in contact with each other again after a long while, they just had to let go off old bad memories.

The two industry guys got talking and laughing and having a good time together. They even hugged each other and posed for a photo together. This goes to show that they have left the past behind them. Some fans still doubt the legitimacy of their reunion, as they say the state of their hearts may not be right towards each other. You think so too?


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