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Malawian lady castigated Nigerian citizens – Calls Them “Celebrity Worshipers.”


This is Nigeria!!! And the way we do our things here is quite different from the way the rest of the world does their own things. Though some Nigerians are trying so hard to adopt the Western lifestyle and make it a norm here, the possibility of a true citizen acting or becoming less Nigerian is slim. And just because we are simply being Nigerians shouldn’t make a Malawian lady refer to us as “Celebrity Worshipers.” Shouldn’t we show love to our stars?

In the “spirit of one love” which music legend, 2Face idibia preaches, music fans have always made sure they stick their necks for their favourite celebrities when need be. For instance, when a radio station referred to Wizkid as a rising star, Wizkid’s fans stormed online and bashed the radio station until it regretted ever making such statement. This is to show you how Nigerians love and cherish their own celebrities. It is something the rest of the world should learn from.

Instead, a certain Malawian lady castigated honorable Nigerian citizens, calling them “Celebrity Worshipers.” The lady took to her twitter handle to slander Nigerians with the following words; “In Nigeria, it’s a must to know and worship celebrities.” Ever since she tweeted that, Nigerians have been onto her like a raging lion. She will sure learn her lesson.


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