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Korede Bello’s ‘Belloved’ Album Causes Commotion Amongst Latter Rain Assembly Members[Read]


The Latter Rain Assembly posted a video of Korede Bello, celebrating his debut album release. They wrote “We are definitely proud of our LRA member Korede Bello. Catch him in church tomorrow howbada? #Belloved albums in stores now. #Bellovers”

The post seemed to have rubbed other people the wrong way as the post received a lot of backlash. However, an entertainment lawyer Akinyemi took to Instagram in defense. This is what he said:

“This post has caused a lot of katakata on social media. It has sent hundreds of thousands of tongues wagging, and thousands of fingers dancing on keypads of smartphones.
As an artist you freeze time in your art. You draw inspiration from your experiences and your environment too, sometimes from your faith. But your art is subject to different interpretations.
This is the second time #KoredeBello‘s association with the church is causing an Uproar. The first was with the invitation to perform #Godwin @ the Harvesters.
There are many questions and observations here. As an artist, it is understood that you represent certain ideals.

1. Can you chase excellence in the interpretation of your art and still fulfill all righteousness with faith?

2. The most successful artists are polarizing figures. They are loved and hated, almost with equal intensity, for what they represent. Should Korede be worried about this?
3. Most successful artist evoke consciousness or controversially defy dogmas. Can I be a musician or actor and interpret roles/characters with each product offering?

I recall my mum’s concerns when I started my practice as a lawyer representing entertainers. She believes(and still does) that most entertainment professionals are unbelievers propagating the wrong agenda. My response was that I provided service to those who need it. I asked her if she serviced unbelievers too as a proprietor. Does she get paid by unbelievers?
Small mindedness has kept us where we are for a long time. My thing is: if a place of worship is comfortable associating with an artist, why the fuss? These same ‘church goers’ will gladly welcome overnight billionaires(corrupt politicians) to give presentations and testimonies from the highest and most consecrated pulpits. This never makes the headlines or generate debates.
What do you think?“

See picture of what LRA posted and Akinyemi’s response to the backlash below:



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