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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Who has gotten a hand on the Vanguard newspaper this morning? We noticed a very interesting article which is ultimately based on a fact that we and all our loving customers have always known; Jumia Nigeria offers the best prices! The article is by Jonah Nwokpoku and is on page 37 of the Vanguard. It is titled Can Jumia sustain affordability drive without compromising quality? Yes we can! Read up and find out for yourself!
It is like everywhere you turn to these days, you will always find someone going on and on about offering the best prices for the best products and yielding to their claims often leads to regrettable scenarios. Hysterically you can take the Emperor in the Emperor’s new clothes for example, or Yahoo’s well documented over payment of $1.1 billion in the acquisition of Tumblr. It’s uplifting that someone has finally decided to touch on the topic of best prices and the area of quality!

Does Jumia Nigeria really have the best prices? Does night really come after day? According to the report, which you might want to quickly get your hands on, we do! It’s really not hard to see why. They say a man is judged by the company he keeps and based on a proven track record of service delivery, customer satisfaction and guaranteed volume of sales, Jumia is able to enter into a blossoming partnership with world-class companies such as Samsung, Apple, Lóreal, Infinix, Lego and more to hereby offer the best prices to customers.

Economies of scale, huge customer base, direct acquirement of products from the source and more make up other reasons why Jumia is able to provide such affordable deals that others can only shy away from. All of this was highlighted by Co-managing Director Jonathan Doerr in the exclusive interview with Jonah Nwokpoku while clarifying how Jumia is able to provide such affordable prices and not compromise on quality.

The newspaper report in the Vanguard actually has some notable examples of Jumia offering the best prices! Take for example the Samsung Galaxy S5 which now currently sells for N95,230 on Jumia! The same product goes for $569 (N119,000) on Amazon.com, $499.99 (N105,000) on Bestbuy, between N105,000 and N100,000 in other online retail stores. LG Televisions can also be found at a more affordable price on Jumia compared to other online stores.

Chukwudi Ozonna


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